Minimus - Sky

Minimus - Sky


Ultra cool, ultra comfortable; free movement you've only dreamed of. 

The Minimus is the original high performance men's yoga pant. Yes at last; finally some cool looking, form fitting manpants.

Recommended Uses

  • Yoga - Hot Yoga - Aerial Yoga - Acro Yoga
  • Running - Cycling - Fitness
  • MMA - BJJ - Wresting - Kick Boxing - Muay Thai
  • Surfing - Kite Surfing - Skiing
  • Intense Clubbing *uhn-sik, uhn-sik, uhn-sik* 

Don't try to wear these bad boys out to your local fancy restaurant (unless you have some savage confidence). These form fitting full length pants are made from a high quality, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial poly-spandex blend that provides cool compression with 100% free range of motion. No more snags, grabs, pinches, or that god forsaken flow killing "phshweet phshweet phshweet" sounds of plasticy track pants rubbing against each other. Ultimate performance and an awesome steadfast print that makes you remember how infinitely small you are in this big beautiful universe. What's not to love?

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