Meta - Brick

Meta - Brick

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Soft, light, breathable, and durable. The do-it all, cotton-linen performance shorts. 

Whether you're hitting an early morning vinyasa, heading up the ridge for a rock scramble, or tapping the local brewery for lunch with friends these shorts got you covered. 

Recommended Uses

  • Yoga - Hot Yoga - Acro Yoga
  • Rock Climbing - Bouldering - Slacklining 
  • Casual - Lounging 
  • Hiking - Scrambling
  • MMA - BJJ - Kick Boxing - Muay Thai

Warning: You will wear these shorts too often, and your friends will begin to question whether or not you own any other forms of clothing. Made from an all natural cotton-linen blend and featuring drawstring fastening, you won't find a more comfortable pair of shorts. Light and soft to the touch, but surprisingly durable. Two large front pockets, and one back pocket to haul around that small TV you call a phone along with any other necessities you might be hauling. The rise comes to just above the knee; perfect for low lunging or hitting those styley hand-foot matches when bouldering. Featuring a soft natural color and a low key design that grabs attention in the studio, but transitions subtly enough for brunch with the in-laws. Thats right no more changing shorts for the in-laws; take back control of your destiny.


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